Dewatering and Injection Boreholes

Is the process of removing water from the ground or from a specific area to lower the water table or reduce groundwater levels. It is commonly employed in mining and construction projects where a dry working environment is required.

Dewatering is typically achieved by installing dewatering wells or boreholes around the perimeter of the desired dewatered area or into underground mine workings. These wells are then pumped using specialised pumps to extract groundwater, thereby lowering the water table. The extracted water is usually discharged into waterways, dams, drainage system or other underground workings by means of injection boreholes.

Injection boreholes are also used for injecting water and other materials into the ground. They are often instated in geotechnical engineering to improve the properties of soil or rock or to stabilise ground conditions.

Injection boreholes can also be used for other purposes, such as groundwater remediation, where contaminants are injected into the ground to break down or neutralise harmful substances.